Hope everyone had a great last day/week of school. Good luck to those taking tests in the upcoming weeks. Seniors, we send all of our love to you and know you're going to do amazing things.


More information will be posted regarding end of year strike and such. Also, don't forget to reply to Gina about the end of year party if you haven't already. Have a great weekend!


-Morgan :)



HOP: Emma B

SA- Hailey K, Bari S

CC- Nolan D, Charlotte D

ACC- Jill S, Rachel S

Painter- Ryan C, Jack P,

Member- Justin G, Sabrina J, Isabelle O

Apprentice- Claire L, Georgia K, Alex A, Danielle L, Christine I, Emma D



Mistress: Sarah M, Dahlia F, Alyssa B

CC: Megan T, Breana R, Sharyn S

ACC: Jack P, Caitlyn R

Wardrobe Manager: Anneliese M, Julia L

Member: Lily H, Erika K


Apprentice: Laura L, Emma B


Bake Sale:

Executive Chef: Claire L

Master Chef: Bari S


Sous Chefs- Julia O, Ryan C, Georgia K, Amelia E, Jack M, Julia L, Caitlyn R, Sabrina J, Olivia C, Emma D


Hair and Makeup

Head of Makeup: Deanna G

Head of Hair: Amelia E

Wig Masta: Nolan D

Ccs: Marina P, Dahlia F

ACC: Sharyn S, Sarah M


Member: Morgan K, Breana R, Anneliese M, Isabelle O, Justin G, Megan H, Rachel S, Sam H, Emma D



STD- Luke, Deanna

ATD- Morgan, Erica, Aaron

MC- Amelia

ACC: Zack, Max, Stephen

CARP: Keith, Justin A, Megan, Sean


APP: Reza, Julia O, Charlie, Sam, Justin G, Victoria, Georgia, Jayden, Anneliese



CC: Aaron, Morgan, Hailey

ACC: Jack P, Justine O


Member: Jack M, Erica G, Ryan C, Olivia C, Olivia S, Julia L, Sam H, Anneliese M

Apprentice: Alex A, Megan H, Justin A, Jill S, Nina G

Usher: Tali G, Erika K, Danielle L, Justin G, David P



Head of Publicity: Aaron K

CC: Jack P, Charlotte D

ACC: Morgan K, Nolan D


Member: Sharyn S, Breana R, Sarah M, Dahlia F, Caitlyn R, Justin A, Julia L, Alyssa B



Master Electrician: Brianne S, Claire L

CC: Julia K

ACC: Megan H, Sam H


Apprentice: Nina G, Caitlyn R, Liam O



Crew Chief- Camryn C, Nicole L, Marina P, Dawn L

ACC- Amritha J, Kacie M

Member- Melanie F, Jayden F, Micheal B, Bella B, Charlie B

Apprentice- John F, Nina G, Alyssa C, Steven M



CC- Deanna G, Mikey J

ACC- Julia O

APP- Ryan C, Sabrina J, Jayden F, Nicole L,


Luke C, Charlie B, Dawn L



CC- Nolan

ACC- Zach, Max

Member- Claire, Keith, Jill, Sean


Pit-tech Lieson- Morgan



PD- Amritha

ACC- David, Georgia, Megan T

Member- Nolan, Keith, Alyssa, Breana


Room Crew:

Members: Morgan K, Aaron K, Charlotte D, Claire L, Breana R, Nolan D

Library Manager: Dahlia Friar


Hey all! Congrats on a very successful weekend of One Acts! This is the schedule for this week. It is extremely subject to change, as it all depends on when and how much strike gets done, so be sure to help out!



Strike @ 3



CC Meeting to discuss end of year crew app process @ 2:30

Continued strike @ 3



Callbacks (IF strike is completed)



Callbacks if striking continues to Weds





That's it! Have a great week, On Tour!

-Morgan :)

Hey OTC! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Playing for Time on a very successful run! Here's what's going on this week:

***If you're interested in being cast in musical senior one acts, please send a video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. singing 16 bars of a song of your choice (preferably musical theatre). Send these by TOMORROW the latest. If you're interested in dance as well, please indicate that in the email!


Monday 5/20: Officer Elections in the choir room @3:30 (please be there by 3)


@3:15 Shakespeare auditions for current 9th graders will be happening in the LT simultaneously 


Tuesday 5/21: PFT In School Performance: Full Cast is pulled periods 6-9. The Drama Room and LT will serve as boys and girls dressing rooms as well as the normal dressing rooms for leads. Please get a permission slip tomorrow and let your teachers know that you are excused.


@3:15 Shakespeare auditions in the LT for current 10th and 11th graders

Strike will be happening simultaneously. If you're not in auditions, you are expected to help. Costumes are a priority as they must be shipped back Wednesday. 


Wednesday 5/22: Shakespeare auditions for 8th graders

Continued strike at the same time 


Thursday 5/23: Thespian Dinner @7 at the East Meadow Jewish Center 


We have a very packed schedule! Have a great week and wonderful long weekend coming up! With elections and thespian dinner happening this week, this will probably be my last time signing off a blog post. It has been a pleasure. :)




Lerner and Loewe (Gina, Emily, Ella)

Narrators: Dawn Luparello, Sarah Multer, Claire Levasseur

Gina (My Fair Lady)→ Wouldn’t It Be Loverly

Eliza: Jill Seibold

Male Quartet: Justin Ancona, Max Unlu, Alex Ammerman, Sean Condenzio

Ella (Gigi) → The Night They Invented Champagne

Gigi: Isabelle Oliver

Mamita: Erica Grening

Gaston: Alex Ammerman

Dancers: Hailey Kimmelman, Brianne Sheridan, Bari Secondino, Dahlia Frier, Max Unlu, Jill Seibold, Breana Raehse, Justin Gomez

Emily (Brigadoon) → Almost Like Being In Love

Tommy: Sean Condenzio

Fiona: Brianne Sheridan


Cole Porter (Allie, Presley)

Narrator: Emma Dorfman

Presley (Kiss Me Kate) → Tom, Harry, or Dick

Bianca: Christine Ianniello

Male Trio: Jack McDonagh, Luke Cimorelli, Liam Parrish

Allie (Anything Goes) → Heaven Hop

Hope: Isabelle Oliver

Boys: Keith Zazzi, Zach Pakula, Jayden Forte, Reza Aziz, Justin Gomez

Girls: Claire Levasseur, Lily Hodson, Dawn Luparello, Nicole Luparello, Breana Raehse, Hailey Kimmelman, Georgia Koutsouras


Gershwin (Adrian, Alexis, Nicole)

Narrators: Amritha Jacob, Justin Gomez, Georgia Koutsouras

Stage Manager: Nolan Donohue

Adrian (An American in Paris) → S’Wonderful

Trio: Luke Cimorelli, Max Unlu, Jack Parr

Alexis Levien (Lady Be Good) → Hang On To Me

Duet: Bari Secondino & Aaron Knigin

Nicole Fauci (Crazy For You) → Embraceable You

Duet: Emma Barnett & Aaron Knigin


Rodgers and Hammerstein (Liam)


Liam Parrish (South Pacific)

Narrator: Nicole Luparello


-Wash That Man

Nellie: Emma Barnett

Ensemble: Erika Klein, Victoria Stepanian, Camryn Cerino, Maddie Chaffer, Amelia Elbendary, Sarah Multer, Hannah Aevoli, Julia Oladipo, Rachel Schlieder


-Carefully Taught

Jack Parr (singing)

Stephen Rini (scene)






Sam & Chloe → Odd Couple (Neil Simon)


Narrator: Annaliese Marmol



Oscar: Max Unlu

Felix: Sean Condenzio



Florence: Caitlyn Raehse

Olive: Megan Trageser

Adam, Rachel, Josh → Hellman


Narrator: Tali Gekhman


Watch On The Rhine

Sara: Justine Olson

Kurt: Stephen Rini

David: Reza Aziz

Fanny: Megan Hansen

Teck: Zach Pakula

Marthe: Kacie McKeever


The Children’s Hour

Mary  & Rosalie: Jordan Novak, Sharyn Schweitzer

Martha: Morgan Kaplan

Karen: Dahlia Frier

Mrs. Tilford: Deanna Greenblatt

Mrs. Mortar: Kacie McKeever



Regina: Deanna Greenblatt

Lavinia: Justine Olson

Ben: Keith Zazzi

Marcus: Stephen Rini

Oscar: Zach Pakula


Happy Hell Week OTC! Here's the schedule: 


**Full Cast called everyday 

Monday 5/13: Pajama Day

@3 1.1 and Music Rehearsal

@7 Tech Night


Tuesday 5/14: Blue and White to honor Judaism 

@2:30 VERY important CC Meeting 

@3 Run Act 1 

NO TECH- Study for APs!


Wednesday 5/15: Remembrance Day- Write the name/number of the person you're honoring on your wrist 

2:30 Run Act 2, fix problems

@7 Tech Night

***Officer Letters of Intent and Signature Sheets are DUE


Thursday 5/16: Crew Color Day 

Tech right after school until Dress Rehearsal

4:30-5ish Dress Rehearsal Act 1 (will begin right after Express Yourself)

*Booster Dinner Break*

After Dinner- Finish Act 1 if necessary, Act 2


Friday 5/17: OTC Gear Day

Opening Night!

*Dinner Provided by Boosters*


Saturday 5/18: 

10 AM Cast Call 

11 AM- Thespian Inductions in the LT (parents are welcome to come!)

2 PM Matinee

Dinner Break 

7:30 Closing Night 


Have a great week OTC! ~Gina