Welcome back OTC! Hope you all had an amazing break! We only have a little less than 3 weeks before Playing for Time opens! Here's the schedule:


Monday 4/29: @3 Block 2.9-2.12

called: Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily T, Amelia E, All Kapos/Blockawas, Ella P, Luke C


Tuesday 4/30:  @3 Block 2.6-2.8

called: Chloe M, Amelia E, Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily T, Emma B, Nick P, Vctoria R, Nicole L, Josh C, Jake L, Luke C


Wednesday 5/1: @3 Block 2.6-2.8 (subject to change)

called: Nicole F, Emily T, Orchestra, Megan H, Lily H, Melanie F, Amelia E


Thursday 5/2: @3 Block 1.10-1.11

Called: Aaron K, Michael B, Ella P, Orchestra, Emily T, Morgan K, Megan H, Nicole F, Erica G, Victoria R, Nicole L, Erika K


Friday 5/3: @3 Block 1.2 and 2.5 

called: Emily T, Megan H, Emma B, Morgan K, Ella P, Alyssa B, Emma D, Melanie F, Sam H, Claire R, Erika K, Nicole F, All Blockawas, Victoria R, Nicole L, Amelia E, Orchestra, Jake L, Zach P

@7:30 Tech Night!!


Have a great week OTC :) ~Gina