Hey OTC! Here's the schedule of the week:


Monday 5/6: Block 1.2 and 2.4-2.5 @3

Called: Orchestra, Ella, Emily, Alyssa B, Emma D, Melanie, Sam H, Claire R, Emma B, Megan H, All Female Blockawas/Kapos, Amelia, Nicole F, Jake, Zach


***Outside Thespian Points Due!


Tuesday 5/7: Music Day- music cues, songs, etc @3

Called: Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily, Ella 

Tech Night TBD


Wednesday 5/8: Block 2.12-End @3

Called: Orchestra, Ella, Emily, Chloe, Nolan, Max, Keith, Jack P, Aaron


Thursday 5/9: Run Act 2 @3:30

Called: Full Cast


Friday 5/10 (HELL WEEK STARTS): Run Act 1 @3

Called: Full Cast 

@7:30 Tech Night!


Saturday 5/11: Tech Day, time TBD


Have a great week OTC! :) ~Gina