Happy Hell Week OTC! Here's the schedule: 


**Full Cast called everyday 

Monday 5/13: Pajama Day

@3 1.1 and Music Rehearsal

@7 Tech Night


Tuesday 5/14: Blue and White to honor Judaism 

@2:30 VERY important CC Meeting 

@3 Run Act 1 

NO TECH- Study for APs!


Wednesday 5/15: Remembrance Day- Write the name/number of the person you're honoring on your wrist 

2:30 Run Act 2, fix problems

@7 Tech Night

***Officer Letters of Intent and Signature Sheets are DUE


Thursday 5/16: Crew Color Day 

Tech right after school until Dress Rehearsal

4:30-5ish Dress Rehearsal Act 1 (will begin right after Express Yourself)

*Booster Dinner Break*

After Dinner- Finish Act 1 if necessary, Act 2


Friday 5/17: OTC Gear Day

Opening Night!

*Dinner Provided by Boosters*


Saturday 5/18: 

10 AM Cast Call 

11 AM- Thespian Inductions in the LT (parents are welcome to come!)

2 PM Matinee

Dinner Break 

7:30 Closing Night 


Have a great week OTC! ~Gina