The following people are pulled all day for their respective crews. Everyone must get a permission slip signed by all teachers! 

Gina Zazzi
Danielle Schwetz
Liam Parrish
Brianne Sheridan 
Emily Turner
Amelia Elbendary 
Deanna Greenblatt
Luke Cimorelli
Morgan Kaplan
Nicole Fauci
Dahlia Frier 
Sam Fortmeyer
 Alyssa Bernstein
Sarah Multer
Victoria Ruiz
Adam Rifas
Dawn Luparello
Nicole Luprello
Jordan Novak
Kaylee Wurster
Ella Perez
Adrian Cabreja
Emma Barnett
Alexis Levien
Chloe Matland

The following people will be pulled for a scene AT SOME POINT on Friday. Unless you're pulled for a crew all day, you will ONLY be pulled for the scenes you are in. A list of scenes for each period is being finalized and will be out by tomorrow. Regardless, you must get a permission slip signed by all of your teachers in order to prepare for whichever periods you are pulled. Once again, this does not mean you're pulled all day. The permission slips will be on the callboard. 

Luke Cimorelli
Nicole Fauci
Nick Procopio 
Max Unlu
Adrian Cabreja 
Sam Fortmeyer
Liam Parrish 
Ella Perez
Danielle Schwetz
Adam Castella 
Dahlia Frier
Jake Levy
Adam Rifas
Allie Braverman
Nicole Luparello
Emily Turner
Gina Zazzi
Claire Levasseur 
Morgan Kaplan
Erica Grening
Josh Curry
Sarah Multer
Lauren Nilsen
Text me with any questions! ~Gina :)


***All rehearsals this week are full cast and attendance should be perfect unless you have a conflict that management has already been notified of. Everyone should also be off book this week.

There will be a tech night EVERY night this week and they are mandatory for the whole company. Please let an officer know if you cannot make one of the nights. 


Monday 10/22- Vocal rehearsal & 1st Half @3


Tuesday 10/23- 2nd Half @3


Wednesday 10/24- Fix Problems/Full Run & Dance Rehearsal @3


Thursday 10/25- Dress Rehearsal @7! Dinner will be provided by Boosters beforehand!!

SPIRIT WEEK DAY: Crew Color Day (contact your crew to find out which color to wear)

Friday 10/26- OPENING NIGHT!!! Dinner will be provided by Boosters beforehand!!!

***Previews lists will be out soon.


Saturday 10/27- Second Night! Call time TBA


It's easy to get stressed out during hell week, we've all been through it. Know that you can always talk to the officers/mentors/upperclassmen or take a break if need be. Your hard work these past few weeks is appreciated SO much. Keep it up!

~Gina :)

Here's the schedule for the week OTC!

Tuesday 10/9: Run 4.1 and 5.1c

Wednesday 10/10: Run 1.1 and 5.1a

Thursday 10/11: Possible tech day TBA! 

Friday 10/12: Run 3.2 

***These rehearsals are subject to change, a musical rehearsal may be called any day. Keep an eye out on the twitter and in the GroupMe! 

Keep in mind that hell week is right around the corner and that there is always work happening, even if it's not an established "tech day." Make sure you're checking the callboard to see who's working! Have a great week OTC!



One more week until Hell Week OTC! Here's the schedule!

***If you're in the Midsummer cast, please give your cast party money to Danielle Schwetz as soon as possible! $6 


Monday 10/15: 1.1 through 3.1

Tuesday 10/16: 3.2 through 4.2

Tech Night! @7

Wednesday 10/17: 5.1

Possible Tech Night TBA

Thursday 10/18: Run 1st Half (1.1-3.1)

Possible Tech Night TBA

Friday 10/19: Run 2nd Half (3.2-5.1)

Tech Night! @ 7 (FIRST DAY OF HELL WEEK)

Saturday 10/20: Possible Tech Day TBA


Enjoy your week OTC :)



Hey OTC! Here's the schedule. In addition to the tech included on the schedule, make sure you're communicating with your crews and checking the callboard daily for crew-specific tech days! 

Monday, 10/1: Rehearsal 3.1- All Mechanicals, Moth, Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Titania, Puck 

Tech will be happening during rehearsal as well! 

Tuesday 10/2: Rehearsal 5.1B- All Mechanicals, Lysander, Demetrius, Theseus, Hippolyta, Philostrate, Puck 

Wednesday 10/3: Rehearsal 3.2- Helena, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Oberon, Puck

Thursday 10/4: Tech in LT to prepare for improv! 

Friday 10/5: Improv! A sign up sheet will be on the callboard!

Have a great week OTC!