Hey OTC! Here's the schedule of the week:


Monday 5/6: Block 1.2 and 2.4-2.5 @3

Called: Orchestra, Ella, Emily, Alyssa B, Emma D, Melanie, Sam H, Claire R, Emma B, Megan H, All Female Blockawas/Kapos, Amelia, Nicole F, Jake, Zach


***Outside Thespian Points Due!


Tuesday 5/7: Music Day- music cues, songs, etc @3

Called: Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily, Ella 

Tech Night TBD


Wednesday 5/8: Block 2.12-End @3

Called: Orchestra, Ella, Emily, Chloe, Nolan, Max, Keith, Jack P, Aaron


Thursday 5/9: Run Act 2 @3:30

Called: Full Cast


Friday 5/10 (HELL WEEK STARTS): Run Act 1 @3

Called: Full Cast 

@7:30 Tech Night!


Saturday 5/11: Tech Day, time TBD


Have a great week OTC! :) ~Gina 

May is probably On Tour’s most hectic month. It is so important that you stay on top of everything that’s happening. Here’s everything coming up: 


Wednesday, May 15th: Officer Letters of Intent/Signature Sheets DUE 


Saturday, May 18th: Thespian Inductions @ 11 AM. (Before the Playing for Time matinee) 

All inductees must attend! (If you’re not sure how inductions work, it will be explained in class soon. Study sheets for the questions you will be asked will also be given out) 


**Thespian announcements will begin coming out within a week or so! 


Monday, May 20th: Officer Elections @ 3:30 in the choir room

Shakespeare Auditions for current 9th graders will be held simultaneously in the LT. (14 lines of any Shakespeare monologue) Remember, Shakespeare are auditions are mandatory for a grade, and you may indicate if you would like to be considered for the cast. 


Tuesday, May 21st: Shakespeare auditions for current 10th and 11th graders @3 in the LT (14 lines of any Shakespeare monologue) 


Wednesday, May 22nd: Shakespeare auditions for 8th graders/incoming members @ 3:15 in the LT. Also makeups for any other current students. 


Thursday, May 23rd: Thespian Dinner! (forms to be handed out soon)



**If you’re interested in auditioning for acting senior one acts this year, your Shakespeare monologue will also serve as an audition for that. You will be able to indicate on your index card if you’re interested. 

**If you’re interested in auditioning for musical senior one acts this year, we will most likely be doing video auditions. More information on this TBA 


END OF YEAR CREW DECISIONS: No plans on when applications will be due, but start thinking about what you’re going to apply for! More info on this once PFT closes! 


If you have any questions about anything above, please don’t hesitate to talk to me!



~Gina :)



Welcome back OTC! Hope you all had an amazing break! We only have a little less than 3 weeks before Playing for Time opens! Here's the schedule:


Monday 4/29: @3 Block 2.9-2.12

called: Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily T, Amelia E, All Kapos/Blockawas, Ella P, Luke C


Tuesday 4/30:  @3 Block 2.6-2.8

called: Chloe M, Amelia E, Orchestra, Nicole F, Emily T, Emma B, Nick P, Vctoria R, Nicole L, Josh C, Jake L, Luke C


Wednesday 5/1: @3 Block 2.6-2.8 (subject to change)

called: Nicole F, Emily T, Orchestra, Megan H, Lily H, Melanie F, Amelia E


Thursday 5/2: @3 Block 1.10-1.11

Called: Aaron K, Michael B, Ella P, Orchestra, Emily T, Morgan K, Megan H, Nicole F, Erica G, Victoria R, Nicole L, Erika K


Friday 5/3: @3 Block 1.2 and 2.5 

called: Emily T, Megan H, Emma B, Morgan K, Ella P, Alyssa B, Emma D, Melanie F, Sam H, Claire R, Erika K, Nicole F, All Blockawas, Victoria R, Nicole L, Amelia E, Orchestra, Jake L, Zach P

@7:30 Tech Night!!


Have a great week OTC :) ~Gina 

Hey OTC! As Thespian Dinner approaches, it’s time to start talking about OTC Elections for the 2019-2020 school year! Below will be requirements to run for office followed by a brief description of each position. 


***Elections will be held on Monday, May 20th at 3:30 PM sharp*** (location will most likely be the choir room)


Requirements to run: 

  1. You must be a thespian! (Either already a thespian or getting inducted this year!)
  2. You must prepare a speech for elections! Speech length requirements will be listed below along with the officer descriptions. 

-We do time the speeches so please try and keep the speech within the time


  1. You must complete a thespian/teacher signature sheet and attach a brief letter of intent explaining why you would like to run. (this can be short) Current officers only need to hand in the letter of intent. These will be due Wednesday, May 15th! 

-The sheet requires 12 student thespian signatures and 4 teacher signatures confirming

that you are fit to be running for a position! The sheets will be in a folder on the 


4. You must meet the grade requirements for each office.

-Only rising juniors can run for the positions of scribe, secretary, and treasurer. (In the 

case of a freshman thespian who would be a rising sophomore, they’re also allowed to

run, but this case is very unlikely.) Due to last years new rules, rising seniors cannot run. 

-Only rising seniors can run for the positions of Vice President and President. You do not

have to be a current officer to run for President! Anyone can!





speech length: 2-3 minutes 


The two scribes attend to the recording of all student hours. They maintain records of all hours and provide Sal with an end-of-quarter hour breakdown and converted grade for all students.




speech length: 3-4 minutes


The Secretary is responsible for attendance at all tech nights, days and other OTC events. They oversee the scribes and insure the completion of all student hours. They keep track of all student International Thespian Point records each quarter. 




speech length: 3-4 minutes


The treasure works with Sal and Parent Boosters to attend to all financial records. They assist in seeing that all bills are paid and that records are kept. They run the Box Office with house crew, attend each performance and fill out a Box Office report after each performance. The Treasurer is also in charge of all fundraisers. 




speech length: 4-5 minutes  


The Vice President supervises all Publicity for the company and assumes the president’s duties when they are unavailable. The Vice President is in charge of writing press releases for each show, running ad drives, and working with publicity crew to make flyers, announcements, and anything else to publicize! 




speech length: 5-6 minutes 


The President oversees all On Tour and Thespian Activities. The student “producer” of On Tour. They are in charge of the Officer’s Blog and the OTC twitter account. They work very closely with Sal and are responsible for organizing all tech days/nights and overseeing all Officers, Crew Chiefs, crew members and Managements.



If you have any questions about running for an officer position, please don’t hesitate to ask the current officers! :)





Hey OTC! Here's a quick schedule of the week:


Monday 4/15: 1.8-1.9 @3

Called: Emily, Amelia, Morgan, Orchestra Girls, Melanie, Nicole F, Chloe, Nicole L, Victoria R, Josh, Jake, Kacie, Luke 


Tuesday 4/16: 2.1 @3

Called: Emma B, Erika, Megan H, Aaron, Ella, Nicole F, Emily, Orchestra Girls, Jake, Amelia, Josh, Chloe


Wednesday 4/17: 1.6-1.7 @3

Called: Emily, Zach P, Orchestra Girls, Nicole F, Nicole L, Jake, Dahlia, Dawn L, Allie, Ella, Gina, Aaron 


Enjoy your week! Almost spring break!!!! :)