Hi OTC! Here are the end of year crew decisions! Before we get into it, I have to preface some of the changes that will be coming next year. Although these positions are concrete, it's very possible that because of the limited work you all will be faced with, many people won't be needed all the time. Hour requirements will be different. Everything will probably be different. The old and new officers are coming up with ways to make next year as easy as possible.

With that being said, here are the final crew decisions of the year!

Hair and Makeup 

Head of makeup - isabelle O

Head of hair - Breanna

ccs - sharyn, Charlotte 

accs - megan h, ShirEl 

members- georgia, cassie, catelyn, isabelle p, annaliese, hannah, justin gomez



CC: Jillian Seibold, Max Unlu, Stephen Rini

Pit Tech liasson: Zach Pakula 

ACC: Ryan Barnett, Justin Gomez, Sean Condenzio 

Member: ShirEl Wolfstein, Keith Zazzi, Justin Ancona 



Hop: Nolan D

SA: Charlotte D

CC: Jill S, Rachel S, Justin G

ACC: Ryan C, Isabelle O

Painter: Jack P, Julianna B

Member: Neda F, Isabelle P, Jack M, Mckayla P

Apprentice: Emma D, Justine O, Cassie J, ShirEl W, Izzy W, Sabrina J




ccs - ben and sabrina

members - ryan c, Mackenzie o, kaitlyn



STD - Stephen 

ATD - Zach, max

MC - Sean

ACC - justin, keith

Carpenter - ben, jake, hannah, ShirEl, georgia, sal

Apprentice - zoe, joey, neda, reza


Lighting and Sound

Master Electrician: Claire L

CC: Megan H and Sam H

ACC: Isabelle P and Ryan B

Member: Amanda F, Joey F


Bake Sale 

Head of Bakesale: Keith Z

Crew Chiefs: Jack M, Claire L

Master shef: georgia, ryan

Sous Chefs: Izzy W, Emma D, EliNor W

Members: Justine O, Jillian S, Juliana B, Amanda F, Sabrina J



HOP: Charlotte Dippel

CC: Jack Parr and Nolan Donohue

ACC: Rachel Schleider and Megan Hansen

Members: Amanda Falls, Jack McDonagh, Julia Levy , Justine Olson

Showcasers: Zoe Gleicher, Georgia Koutsouras and Alex Ammerman



HOH: Jack P, Justine 

CC: Julia L Jack M

House Managers: Olivia C, Ryan C, Sam H, Olivia S

Member: Ryan B, Joey F, Isabel W, Shirel Elinor



Mistresses: Breana, Sharyn, Megan

CC: Caitlyn, Julia 

ACC: Laura, Anneliese 

Wardrobe Manager: Mario,  Leanna

Member: Jack P, Riley, Erika

Apprentice: Tali, Elinor




- Bella B, Nina G


- Kacie M


- Ryan B, Cassie J, Michael B, John F


- Jack M, Amanda F



Co-PD: Amritha and Georgia

ACC: David Padilla

Member: Megan And Breana


Congrats to everyone! Miss and love you all!

-Morgan :)

Hey, On Tour! Long time no blog! You have no idea how much I miss you all... All I want is to be at a tech night. I am SO EXCITED to get started on One Acts. It'll hopefully give everyone something to look forward to. Please read the whole list, as it's sort of confusing and you might easily miss your name. Congrats to all! Please reach out with any questions, or just to say hey!

Sexuality and Coming of Age as Represented Through Musicals (Spring Awakening)

Morgan Kaplan


Opening Narrator: Jake Baglio


Opening Scene into “Mama Who Bore Me (Repr.)- 1:40

Frau Bergman: Hannah Friedman

Wendla: Isabelle Oliver

Anna: Amanda Falls

Thea: Mckayla Parra

Martha: Julianna Belbol

Ilse: Jillian Seibold


Middle Narrator: Alexa Gardner


“Touch Me” - 4:59

Frau Gabor: Kacie McKeever

Melchior: Alex Ammerman

Moritz: Max Unlu

Ernst: Jack Parr

Otto: Jack McDonagh

Georg: Sean Condenzio

Hanschen: Justin Ancona 

Ens: Mckayla Parra, Julianna Belbol, Amanda Falls, Isabelle Oliver, Jillian Seibold


Closing Narrator: Joey Fiscella


THEME: Broadway, Film, and Their Impact on Each Other

Aaron Knigin


Opening Narrator: Sean Condenzio


“Don’t Rain on my Parade” - 2:44

Ryan Conolly


Middle Narrator: Joey Fiscella


“Meet the Plastics” - 4:17

Cady: Isabelle Oliver 

Damien: Jack Parr

Janis: Rachel Schleider 

Regina: Jill Seibold 

Gretchen: Nina Genzone 

Karen: Brianne Sheridan 



Alyssa Bernstein


Opening Narrator: Elinor Wolfstein


“Quartet At The Ballet” - 3:46

Anastasia: Megan Trageser

Dmitry: Jack Parr

Dowager Empress: Megan Hansen

Gleb: Keith Zazzi

Dancers: Breana Raehse, Ryan Barnett


Narration: Zach Pakula


“This World Will Remember Us” - 3:35

Clyde: Jack Baglio

Bonnie: Leanna Cheeseman


Narration: Annelise Marmol


“Movie In My Mind” - 5:06

Gigi: Dawn Luparello

Kim: Isabelle Pan

Girls: Dawn Luparello, Nicole Luparello


Closing Narration: Shirel Wolfstein


Theme: Iconic Male Characters of Stephen Sondheim:

Luke Cimorelli


Opening narration into Sunday in the Park With George: Zach Pakula


“Finishing the Hat”- 3:21

George: Luke Cimorelli


Middle Narration into Sweeney Todd: Kacie McKeaver


“Epiphany” - 3:18

Sweeney Todd: Luke Cimorelli

Ms. Lovett Kacie McKeaver


Final Narration into Company: Stephen Rini


“Being Alive” - 5:07

Bobby: Luke Cimorelli

Ensemble: Joey Fischella, Max Unlu, Hannah Friedman, Zach Pakula, Erika Klien, Kacie McKeaver


Theme: The Works of Lin Manuel Miranda

Erica Grening, Hailey Kimmelman, Bari Secondino

Opening Narration 

In the Heights narration: Megan Tragesser

Champagne (2:44) (In the Heights):

Vanessa: McKayla Parra

Usnavi: Justin Gomez

Hamilton narration: McKayla Parra

A Winter’s Ball (1:10):

Aaron Burr: Keith Zazzi

Alexander Hamilton: Alex Ammerman

Schuyler Sisters (as ensemble): Zoe Gleicher, Ryan Connolly, Neda Farhanigan

Helpless (4:10):

Eliza: Zoe Gleicher

Hamilton: Alex Ammerman

Angelica: Ryan Connolly

Peggy: Neda Farhanigan


Bring It On narration: Amritha Jacobs

Cross The Line (3:40)

Dancers: Justin Gomez

Breana Raehse

Joey Fiscella

Alexa Gardner

Alex Ammerman

Claire Levasseur

Julianna Belbol

Isabelle Pan

Isabelle Oliver


Theme: The works of Alan Menken

Emma Barnett & Marina Pan

Introduction: Emma Barnett

Narration 1: Mario Medina

Suddenly Seymour(2:58): Jack Mcdounagh, Nina Genzone

Narration 2: Zach Pakula

Out there(2:46): Justin Ancona

Narration 3: Elinor Wolfstien

When will my life Begin(2:46): Charlotte Dippel

Conclusion: Marina Pan



THEME: Shakespeare and the Musicals based on his stories

Dahlia Frier & Sarah Multer

Introduction: Sarah Multer & Dahlia Frier

Narration 1: Dahlia Frier

Comedy of Errors(1:45) TBD

Adriana- Anneliese Marmol

Luciana- Caitlyn Raehse

Narration 2: Sarah Multer

Sing For Your Supper (3:33) (Boys From Syracuse)

Adriana- Claire Levasseur 

Luciana- Neda Farhanigan 

Luce- EliNor Wolfstein

Narration 3: Dahlia Frier

Taming of the Shrew (0:45)

Katharine- Amritha

Narration 4: Sarah Multer

I Hate Men (2:11) (Kiss Me Kate)

Katharine- Rachel Schleider

Narration 5: Dahlia Frier

Twelfth Night (3:00)TBD

Viola- Leanna Cheesman 

Olivia- ShirEl Wolfstein

Narration: Sarah Multer

Let Yourself Go (2:30)

Sandra- Amritha Jacob

Natalie (non speaking)- Claire Levasseur

Backup singers- ShirEl Wolfstein, Leanna Cheesman, Caitlyn Raehse, Anneliese Marmol


THEME: comparing Niel Simon's male and female Odd Couple

Intro:Dawn and Jayden 

Narrator 1:Leana 

Male odd couple: Jake and Mario(4:38)

Narrator 2: Alexa

Female odd couple: Isabelle and Izzy(4:38)

Narrator 1&2


THEME: How love stories in musicals have changed from then to now 

Amelia Elbendary & Brianne Sheridan

Opening Narration: Charlotte Dippel

Soon It’s Gonna Rain (The Fantasticks) (4:40) 

Matt- Stephen Rini 

Luisa- Nina Genzone

Narration 2: Zach Pakula

Bad Idea (Waitress) (3:07)

Dr. Pomatter- Jake Baglio 

Jenna- Izzy Wilkins 

Closing Narration: Shirel Wolfstien 


Theme: Greek mythology in Theatre

(Nicole Luparello & Melanie Fiore)


Intro: Nicole Luprello


Narration 1- Kacie Mckever


Flowers (Hades Town)...Zoe Gleicher (3:34)


Narration 2- Elenor


Nobody’s Heart Belongs to me...Amanda Falls (By Jupiter) (2:57)


Closing: Melanie Fiore


Congrats again! Please reach out with any concerns or just to say hey!

-Morgan :)

Hey, OTC! The show is in full swing! Let's keep up the great work. Here's the schedule for the week. 




Fine white horse: Martha, Mary

Winters on the wing: Dickon, Mary

•Tech Day



•Vocal rehearsal before Hofstra rehearsal 

•Tech day



•Hofstra rehearsal (after dance)

•Dance: Dreamers for waltz and Cholera scene

•Tech day



•Hofstra day!! More details to come.

•Tech day



•Vocal 4-6


Lily’s eyes: Archie, Neville 

It’s a maze: Mary, Martha, Dickon, Ben

•Tech day and night



Dance : Dreamers (waltz, cholera scene)

-tech day


Have a great week!

-Morgan :)

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic break. Thank you to everyone who came during break to help out! Here’s the schedule for the week. 



Ben, Mary, Martha, Dickon, Rose, Lily, Martha, Ayah, Fakir


Mary, Lily, Dreamers, Ayah 


Dickon, Martha, Colin, Mary, Fakir, Ayah, Dreamers, Ben, Lily, Rose, Albert 

Tech afternoon 


Tuesday: Vocal Full cast 

Tech afternoon


Wednesday: Ghost waltz dreamers at 4

Tech afternoon


Thursday: Vocal (people tba)

Tech afternoon  


Friday: TBA 

Tech night!


Saturday: Robert comes at 10:30 for dreamers. 

Tech during the rehearsal. 

More info will be released as soon as we get it! Thanks for your patience. Have a wonderful week back!